Top 7 Best Restaurants in Chennai in 2024!

Best Restaurants in Chennai
Best Restaurants in Chennai

What is exciting about going to the new city? I think there are lots of reasons but one of the main reasons is food for most of us. We like to enjoy the taste of local food if we ever visit any new city or new place. From our visit from one state to another state, the taste of the food completely changes. Every place has its special delicacies. This time if you are going to Chennai, then we have a checklist of the best restaurants in Chennai.

When we hear about Chennai food, the very first thing that strikes our mind is Idli or Dosa. But there are many more traditional cuisines that are very delicious. This time try new dishes from Chennai from the restaurants we are suggesting for you. In addition to this, in Chennai, you will not only get South Indian food there but also get food from almost every state of our country and also International food items. Let’s make this trip to Chennai the best trip of your life by having the best dining in Chennai.

Southern Spice Restaurant

For the Malabar and Mudaliar cuisine, Southern Spice can be a nice option to choose when you are in Chennai. The place is very popular for its authentic and fresh-flavored food. Having an outstanding menu, this restaurant will not disappoint you when it comes to the taste of the food. So, pamper yourself with the nice food of this place when you visit Chennai this year. It is one of the best restaurants to eat in Chennai.

Murugan Idli Shop

With years of experience in this business, Murugan Idli Shop is well-known for its delectable idlis and other location cuisines. These idlis are just the best in the city. Not only Idlis but you must try their filter coffee along with Podi Dosa. The price of this restaurant is very reasonable and also two people can eat for just Rs. 200. If you are visiting Chennai this year around this area, then don’t miss the chance to visit this shop and enjoy one of the best traditional foods there. This shop is located at Virudhunagar Nadar Mansion in Poonamallee High Rd near Park Town, Chennai.


There is a reason that Mathsya has been a popular and favorite name in the town for years. This is the perfect place to go with kids, spouses, and parents. Here you will get everything that will satisfy the taste buds of each one of you. From the famous Masala Dosa to hot Mangalore bundles to chili cheese toast, everything is just the best to make your day unforgettable. One thing that we like the most about this restaurant is that their prices are very low and the quality and taste of food is superb. We are sure that you would not regret going there and would like to visit this place again and again. It is listed in the list of the good restaurants in Chennai. The location of this restaurant is No 53, 1st Main Rd, Gandhi Nagar, and Chennai.

Ratna Cafe

Ratna Cafe can be your next pits-stop if you are in Chennai. From interior to food, everything will make you happy. Let’s enjoy hot sambar with soft Idlis at this cafe to make your Chennai visit this year a memorable affair. Also, don’t forget to order their filter coffee to make your visit to this place a very nice experience. The list of food items at this cafe is long; you can order anything as per your taste apart from our suggestions. Because of its food quality and taste along with low prices, Ratna Cafe has become a famous name in the city. It is considered one of the best food restaurants in Chennai where prices are low and the quality of food is high. The location of the Ratna café is- 255 Triplicane High Road Chennai.

Bay View

Bay View is a very popular restaurant in Chennai which is known for its eye-catching view and fresh seafood. The seaside dining experience is a perfect location in Chennai. If you are planning to visit the city this year, then Bay View is the best option for you. Here the thing that attracts the most to the people is its thatched roofs and mesmerizing view. Without a doubt, the service of this restaurant is commendable and the furniture is just comfortable and nice. Everything from Cuisine to seating arrangement is just the best to set your day. The location of Bay View restaurant in Chennai is- Taj Fisherman’s Cove Resort and Spa, Kovalam, Chennai.

C-salt Spa and Resort

C-salt is a famous resort and spa on the East Coast Road in Chennai. This grand resort is a perfect beachside dining location in the city. For a date, you can come to this place with your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend. Also, it is a good place to visit with friends and family for the beachside dining experience. If you visit here, then must try the salmon and cream cheese Kuzhi paniyaram here. The very peaceful and calming vibe of this place will make you happy and food will satisfy your taste buds. In addition to this, you will get various kinds of traditional as well as Indian cuisines here. Live life by traveling to beautiful cities of the country and don’t forget to taste the traditional cuisines there. In the list of the best dining restaurants in Chennai, C-Salt Resort and Spa secures the top position.


Having perfect seating arrangements, and an excellent interior, Avartana is the outstanding spot to eat the best food in Chennai. The vibe and food of the place are just awesome and you would love to go to that place again and again. It serves the best food in the town along with the excellent service. In addition to this, here from Vegan to Vegetarian, it has a great menu. So, make this trip to Chennai this time an unforgettable experience for you by dining in this beautiful restaurant. We would love your visit to this place we are sure about it.

With our experience, we can say that you will not be disappointed with our choice of good restaurants in Chennai. Because the restaurants we have recommended for you have local, national as well as international cuisines. Apart from this, in this city, in every restaurant, you will get an inviting atmosphere and a rich taste of the food.See, when you search for the best restaurants in Chennai, you will find the long list on the internet. Not all the suggestions need to be affordable for you. Because it is obvious when the quality of food and service is high, the prices usually go up. What makes our suggestions for the best dining in Chennai perfect for you is we suggested low-priced restaurants for you. Not only the price but we keep the quality of the food in mind. All the above-suggested good restaurants in Chennai have reasonable prices for the food but their ambiences to taste of the good everything is up-to-mark.


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